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Become an IBP and see your dreams come true.

We are happy that you have decided to join Signature Journeys’ growing network of ‘Independent Business Partners’. Signature Journeys is built on the principal of self-reliance – we believe in putting on our Oxygen mask, before we help the person next to us. So every individual starts by supporting herself and then becomes a pillar for another to become self-reliant and eventually a support for the third; building a strong, unshakable building with a firm foundation. When you join Signature you become a part of a big team and yet you retain your flexi-working rights.

The last two years have been very hard for the industry, with travel shutting down over night. Many of us ended up loosing our jobs and others being deeply impacted by large salary cuts. But today things are looking up, and after almost two years of dormancy we can see green shoots of revival in the industry. YOU, we know, are ready to farm and harvest this crop with your hardwork, knowledge and experience. All you need are the right tools…and that is where Signature Journeys steps in. As a “Signature IBP” you get:

A. Branded Microsoft Suite.
B. Personalized access to our AI driven portal “BERRY”.
C. Access to a secure payment gateway.
D. Marketing & accounting support and much more.

Every member of the Signature team is a travel professionals with deep domain knowledge, and we will work with you to build your business with Signature Journeys. 

    Our advantage

    • Business Accreditation and identity.
    • Deep domain knowledge and industry experience. 
    • Access to Private fares, exclusive deals & tariffs, upgrades. 
    • Premium personalized service delivery.
    • AI enabled digital technology stack.
    • Data privacy, compliance, and security. 
    • Training and networking sessions.
    • New business support from a team of sales and marketing professionals.
    • Lucrative supplier contracts with enhanced commissions splits (80:20).
    • Sell your products on the network, get access to marketing support.
    • Direct line of communication with Lead Partner on business strategy. 

    BERRY - our AI driven portal

    • Online booking platform for you and your customers.
    • Wide array of services – flights, hotels, visa, forex, bus, car, rail.
    • Trip box for ease of operations and booking management. 
    • Auto invoicing, reporting and payment module.  
    • Self-booking tool to your users and bookers. 
    • Payment gateways and GST module.
    • Wallet module for advance uploads.
    • Mobile version is under development. 

    Revenue model

    Our revenue model is much deeper than a simple buyer – seller relationship. Once you become part of Signature Journeys, you get to operate as a team and work in an area of your expertise … sales, tour operations, mice, ticketing, accounting, visa services, corporate management… and then you get a profit share of every task you perform or project you manage for the company. So simply put – the more you work, the more you earn. 
    More importantly, this is not an employment and, so, you are free to pursue any other earning opportunity. Your accreditation with Signature Journeys will ensure that you remain part of the travel and tourism industry and are actively engaged as an entrepreneur. 

    Fee and Payments

    Monthly membership of Signature’s Independent Business Partners program (IBP) is Rs. 199/- ,  paid every month in advance. You get an introductory waiver for the first 30 days. This fee enables the IBP members get full access of our AI driven platform BERRY and back end operational support completely free. 

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